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Sirsa Padasana Yoga Art - Digital Art, NFT Art

Sirsa Padasana Yoga Art - Digital Art, NFT Art

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Sirsa Padasana Yoga Art
Lock Down & Restrictions Series
November 2020


  • Digital Art, NFT Art
  • High Resolution 300 dpi Jpeg or PDF
  • Please contact me to reserve your edition of this artwork for an NFT purchase



      I am consistently amazed by people who practice Yoga, Its something that I've tried before but have not quite fallen in love with (yet). I think I could be quite good at it because I'm double jointed. I gave birth within 20 mins, surely I could focus my mind and contort my body into elegant graceful shapes!

      My first ever session of Yoga was at The Ministry Of Sound Fitness. It took so much out of me, it was definitely the most effective work out I had ever done. I know when I'll be ready - hopefully soon. I love the way the theme of this series of works "restrictions" totally contradicts the practice of Yoga. Much like the year we have had, we have been restricted in the most unnatural of ways. 

      Using the process of restricting myself to just a few shapes and colours, I’ve created some digital abstract art pieces. This series of work was born during the Covid lockdown restrictions. I’ve been struggling for space at home to paint, I usually paint in my kitchen or living room but with my children at home during lockdown and again during quarantine episodes, it’s been increasingly difficult and demotivating for me work with paints. This has pushed me to work digitally.