Pink Robin on Copper - Original Oil Painting
Pink Robin on Copper - Original Oil Painting

Pink Robin on Copper - Original Oil Painting

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Pink Robin on Copper - Original Oil Painting


  • June, 2020
  • Oil Painting
  • Size: 21" (h) x 18” (w)
  • Material: Canvas
  • Finish: Unframed / Un-stretched 


    A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my friend, I was telling her that noticing and falling in love with nature was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. For the first time in many years, I could hear birdsong, it was no longer background noise. These sounds became the foreground and I would not only hear, but listen - this filled me with so much joy. She also commented that when she lived in London, she hardly noticed the sound of birds too. But, they are there, always. Some of us are just too busy to notice the beauty and sounds of nature around us - that is very saddening. I challenge you to sit with nature, be present, listen and fall in love with our world once again.

    The birds I’ve chosen to paint in this series are striking in colour and creation. I’ve taken them out of what would be their usual habitat and on to unusual backgrounds to help the colours stand out. The Pink Robin is native to Australia, as with most colourful creatures, this is the male, adorned with a beautiful Fuchsia breast to attract the female.  

    Birds are a symbol of freedom. Choose to be free of all the restrictions of life, whenever you can, choose freedom.