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Looking Up At Blossom - Original Abstract Art

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Looking Up At Blossom - Abstract Art Print


  • A1 size; 23.4" (w) x 33.1" (h)  
  • Created using Indian Ink, White Ink & Gold Metallic Ink
  • Created on hand-made Rag Paper, 100% Cotton Rag
  • Signed
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Framed options
  • Securely Packaged
  • Free Shipping

You wouldn’t believe what this piece has been through! It was to be a tree based on a photo I took at Dulwich Park but it wasn’t working. Three times over, I started again by going over it with more black and rubbing it down. I created the trunk and branches again in gold and left the studio for it to dry overnight - and somewhat frustrated. On my walk home I took a detour through East Dulwich as I felt I needed to walk more and saw the most beautiful pure white blossom tree in Matham Grove. I took a video of it. The next day back in the studio, I turned it on its side and started to create. I don’t think I would have created this had I not turned my frustration into living in the present moment. I listened to my intuition and walked out of my usual path home. The tree in Dulwich Park turned into a Blossom Tree in East Dulwich. We must never give up.