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London, Abstract Art Print
London, Abstract Art Print
London, Abstract Art Print
London, Abstract Art Print
London, Abstract Art Print

London, Abstract Art Print

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London, Abstract Art Print


  • A3 size; 11.7" (w) x 16.5" (h)  
  • High Resolution Finish
  • Giclee Print on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm Heavy with 0.5" white border
  • High Quality Paper
  • Signed
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Framed options
  • Securely Packaged
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    Created in 2010, "London" is my depiction of the city which I live in. The subject of immigration has been more prominent in the media since the EU referendum and "Brexit". However this subject has been on the minds of many for years - including myself. I wasn't born in England therefore, when the word "immigrant" is used, despite growing up in London since the age of 5, I cannot help but relate to others like me who's families came to London for a better life for their children.

    London is overcrowded, we know, however, it's one of the major capital cities in the world and we are overcrowded because major cities need workers. Its my personal view that there will always be a social hierarchy in our city, much like all of the other supercities across the world, as long as there are very wealthy industries, there will always be people at the top and people at the bottom. Before anyone shouts the word immigrant, they should get on a London bus in the early hours of the morning and see it filled with the cleaners, caterers, carers and nurses on their way to work so that the rest of us can benefit from their tireless contribution to society. The original painting London represents us all and our environment, living on top of each other in this never ending rat race, all with one common goal, to create a better life for ourselves. As with my other abstract artworks, I use colour as a code to tell the story through my art. I hope you enjoy decoding this painting.