Little by Little Becomes Allot - Original Abstract Art
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Little by Little Becomes Allot - Original Abstract Art

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Little By Little Becomes Allot  - Original Art Painting
Life’s Journey Series 


  • Original Art
  • Size: 33” (h) x 23” (w) 
  • Material: Natural hand made paper 
  • Finish: Framed or Unframed
  • If you select "framed" from the options below, you will be contacted to to be advised of the framing options and cost for framing. Initially, you will pay for the art and the framing will be invoiced separately once you have chosen from the available options. 


A new edition to my series which looks at life and the journeys we go through. This is a reminder to keep taking those little steps, as eventually, they will make a difference and take you to where you want to be. Unlike some of my other pieces created to date, this piece does not fill and cover the base, the ink is distributed and “muted” in colour although the piece is still strong in presence.