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Battle - Original Oil Painting
Battle - Original Oil Painting

Battle - Original Oil Painting

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Battle - Original Oil Painting


  • Original Art
  • Size: 11.8" (h) x 31.5" (w)
  • Material: Canvas
  • Finish: Unframed

This original art painting is of a reoccurring dream which continued for about a year and is a reality for many young men today - an emotional and sometimes physical battle. This was not my dream, but that of my partner who would wake up usually distressed from this ongoing battle. He describes how he faces 'them' on his own, unable to see their faces and make out who they are, he would battle until it forced him to wake up. He distinctively remembers the atmosphere being a misty green and not being able to see properly so he would aimlessly throw his arms around trying to protect himself. 

This piece reminds us that we all face battles each day but the key is to be strong, face our fears, no matter how scary they are.