Barry Is Sad Without His Rainbow, Digital Art, NFT Art

Barry Is Sad Without His Rainbow, Digital Art, NFT Art

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Barry Is Sad Without His Rainbow
Lockdown & Restrictions Series
September 2020


  • Digital Art, NFT Art 
  • High Resolution 300 dpi Jpeg or PDF
  • Please contact me to reserve your edition of this artwork for an NFT purchase


      In recent months, I’ve felt compelled to draw and paint birds. I don’t really understand the significance of these urges but none the less, when they come to me subconsciously or visually, I tend to draw, paint or create  them. So this is Barry, apparently he went viral on social media back in May. I happened to only see the photo more recently, it was taken by his owner and it made me smile.

      Barry is a Canary with a sort of mop top head of hair. He’s stout, round and similar to the other birds I’ve painted so this maybe why I was drawn to him. A few days after seeing the photo, I found myself creating the simplest form of it from memory. In the original picture, Barry was illuminated by a rainbow light beam coming in through the window.  Somehow, I managed to disregard the rainbow colours, greens and blues play a major role and pops of pink, coral and orange accentuate Barry’s triangular features. Despite the rainbow beam in the original picture, Barry did look sad in his photo because his head was down. Or maybe he was enjoying the heat from the sun on his head and having a little moment of being present!?  Whatever it was, he looked deep in thought and I guess that’s what I picked up on. Google Barry The Canary to see the photo.