Abstract Art & Abstract Art Prints, Life's Journey

The abstract painting Adrenaline was created in 2004. I had recently bought my own flat that summer, I felt immense pride and achievement. I set up my art station in the garden - thats where I was going to be for the entire summer. The heat of the sunlight brought out a beautiful lacquer in the ink art whilst I worked. I felt such elation as I selected the colours and put them down on canvas. Adrenaline ran through me as if my entire being had decided that this was what I was meant to be doing. I never lost energy in finishing this work. I persisted for months until it was completed.

The painting Journey was created in 2017, at a time when I had many questions about my life, the course it had taken and potentially where it was going. It was a time of change which forced a time of reflection. I realise that of course, I am not alone in these thoughts - we all go through the up and down of the journey of life, discovering people, places and of course, ourselves. The journey never ends, we will eventually become one with the earth and start all over again. I have learned to trust and enjoy the journey.

These are limited edition art prints, I hope you like them.